#CodePlateau; Starter Kit for a Junior Dev

Hey guys,

I can’t promise to write every day, but I promise to share all my breakthroughs, by breakthrough “I mean the challenges I encounter on my journey to becoming a developer” I’m pretty sure these are challenges other starters are likely to face, especially as a tech enthusiast with no computer background or degree.

So I will try to share as much as possible whenever I get something fixed. Like broken codes.

First off check out my video on #CodePlateau YouTube channel from week three (3) below.

https://youtu.be/4Ao_wK8HTPg (#CodePlateau 2.0 tagged MAD — Making a Difference)

Here is a starter pack for Junior developers:

W3School-where you can learn everything a developer should know and assess yourself by taking the exercises. There are other you could check out too.

Medium-where you get to write about your journey like I am doing now. This helps you track your progress and also will matter a whole lot in the future, especially when you’re ready to apply for jobs.

Github-a place to save your projects, look up and fork other people’s projects, and contribute to projects or work on a project as a team, because here you create a public repo, where everyone can access from anywhere in the world.


Stark overflow-this is where I get all answers to my questions including my broken codes. All you need to do is copy the line of error indicated in your code and paste on google, the answer will come from stack overflow I bet you 100% this should make you understand you’re on track somebody has encountered such an error and importantly that it can be fixed.

In my next post; I will share how I fixed some broken codes and probably how I broke them.



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